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Undergraduate - This group includes all the applications for undergraduate studies (bachelor’s) whom are currently students of high school or already enrolled in the undergraduate programme.
Graduate – This group includes all the applications for graduate programmes from students currently studying undergraduate and/or graduate programmes or of employed applicants as well as those who are taking a gap year
Undergraduate Graduate

Current or last attended secondary school

Please state your Great Point Average (GPA) in the format used by your school or country. If you are attending a school in the Czech Republic and have not yet finished high school, please, state your "průměr známek" for the past 4 years of studies. If you have already passed your maturita exam, please select "Průměr známek; maturita" option and fill in both averages, i.e. "1,00; 1,2"

Current or last attended university

Please state your Great Point Average (GPA), if you attended a school where such system was in use, or state your "průměr známek", if you attended a school in the Czech Republic. If none of these categories apply, please state your grades in the way it is customary at your school.

Other universities


Please list any academic distinctions or honors you have received, honor societies you are a member of, etc. Please list a maximum of 10 items.
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Publications, presentations in conferences, public discussions and the like. Please list a maximum of 5 publications.
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If you have already taken any of the standardized tests necessary for the admission at foreign universities (TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, or CPE, DELF, DALF, Test DAF, GRE), please provide the date and score of the test taken. Please list a maximum of 5 tests.
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Extracurricular activities


Personal essay

1. What is the most fascinating example of progress in your field over the last 100 years and how can it influence the future of the field? (Write as if for intelligent readers outside your field.)
2.Being or having?
3. How do social bubbles, fake news and information overload affect our societies, and what is their impact on democracy?


Please provide a name and a surname of your selected reference provider. This person will be notified by email and asked to provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf. All instructions regarding submission of a letter of recommendation will be included in the email. Please submit maximum of two recommendation letters.
Please provide contact(s) of referee(s) familiar with your academic achievements and work ethic. The reference(s) must be written solely and completely by the referee(s).
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Study Expense Budget

Please fill in a cost prediction for each university you intend to apply to. In the lines below, please indicate the minimum and the maximum amount of the financial aid you believe you may need from the foundation and the type of costs these sums are for (e.g. tuition plus accomodation plus travel costs). Please provide a budget estimate for a maximum of 5 universities.
Expected full amount Amount requested from the Bakala Foundation
Cost of Living
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Study plans


Other Scholarships


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Will apply for

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Family Income Statement

Additional information


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